01 February 2011

A song for the Egyptian people -!!!

           I am Egyptian
           I Came from precious elements
           I built glory between the pyramids
           My grandparents
           They created the wonder of science
           And areas along the Nile Valley in the Fertile
           Them in this world for thousands of years
           Ends with the universe
           And they are still present.
This is the translation of this beautiful Arabic song . For sure, I am in Egypt state of mind :)
         I hope you enjoy the tune of this song, as much as I enjoy its content.
          We are very privilege to have freedom, and dignity in this great country of ours.
          Freedom is precious, democracy is beautiful, and America is great.
           Lots of love,

            -Samya :-)

1 comment:

  1. I have been so inspired by the recent actions of the Egyptian people! Peaceful protest can cause change.