25 December 2013

My New Project !

Merry Christmas Everyone,,
 I know it is Christmas ; However , I couldn't wait to post  my work , lol ,,,
 Enjoy the pics, and I hope you like what I've accomplished so far !!!!
 I know it is a busy and joyful time ... But  hopefully, you will see the complete project on my next post..
 Enjoy Christmas , and have  a wonderful time with  family, and friends!

Lots of love,
Samya :)

Merry Christmas Everyone !

I bet Santa is a bit Extra happy this morning for a job well done !! Thanks Santa
Lots of LOve ،

13 December 2013

My New Felted Bag !

Hi Everyone,
                  I would love to share with you my new bag.  The bag pattern, and the measurement were improvised :).. did not know what the final  measurement will be after felting the bag, I knitted,  and and put it all together, I washed a couple  of times in the hot cycle, and I waited for the bag to dry !!!! You can imagine the look on my face when I saw the final project... I was ecstatic .. providing I never felted anything in my life till now... Not bad .

Lots of love,
Samya :)