02 February 2011

Beautiful Women in Action

Hi every one, I hope everyone is doing great.
Today I want to share with you some inspiring pictures of Egyptian women , doing what they do best ...speaking  their mind.

  This is my tribute to the Egyptians women .


You are not going to scare me -!! 

My daughter,  my granddaughter, and I need change.

I am an Egyptian woman

          sometimes, you can be a fighter in a revolution without 

 Egyptians are famous for their sense of humor.

Of course you can.

What this banner saying is:
Please leave, my arms ache, and I want to go home.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures, and as I said earlier this is my tribute to my Egypt, and the Egyptian people.

Lots of love, and  your comment will be appreciated.

-Samya :-)


  1. women can be a powerful force... I am watching the news - looks traumatic - hoping for a safe good outcome for the Egyptian people....
    Best wishes

  2. In my heart, I am standing and marching, with these beautiful women. We all deserve peace and freedom!

  3. My husband and I are glued to the T.V. just waiting to see when the people of Egypt will prevail ,I admire the women and men of Egypt for there courage and bravery .xoxo theodora

  4. I have been watching it on the tv. It is amazing what they are doing, and I can see you are so proud of their demonstrations.
    Thanks for a lovely post.