31 December 2010

23 December 2010

Merry Christmas .

Merry Christmas to all of you my friends, and many thanks for your visits comments, and following my blog. I had a blast —!!!!

Today was an extra special day, I saw Happy Feet , and The Polar  Express on TV .
You should see me, I wait for this two movies each Christmas like a little kid. I love the element of them popping up during Christmas time,  and the anticipation for the commercial ads to finish, so  can follow the story. Priceless.

Merry Christmas, and God bless us Eveyone.


-Samya :-0
I won the Hot potato contest  at h

Check this cutie out.

Actually I want to say a few words about my friend Angela @ sewloquacious.blogspot.com.  Angela has the most wonderful, and  quick sense of humor you will ever come across, from her  Wednesday's  Wonderism , to her creation it is just wonderful.

Check her blog out, trust me it is a shot of sheer loveliness.

Thank you Angie so much. OMG, there is Santa.


-Samya :-)

20 December 2010

flower sugar giveaway

Check this giveaway, you can go to retro mummy blog to check  it out.

Time for another big fabric giveaway? I think so, what with it being Christmas and all. So up for grabs are 2 fat quarter packs of the lot.....that is 20 fat quarters of the gorgeous Flower Sugar range from Lecien as featured in this lovely picture.


Imagine what you could make with all of those pretty fat quarters. All you need to do is mention the giveaway on your blog with a link back to here and leave a comment. My blogless readers just need to leave a comment. Feel free to copy and use the picture too.......it's so pretty. I'll draw 2 winners on new years eve......and giveaway is open to everyone, wherever you may live!


-Samya :-)

13 December 2010

A Story of a Blanket-!!

Happy Monday every one.
I hope all of are rejuvenated, happy, and ready to create and inspire.
Well, I am happy because my youngest daughter is coming home from college for the winter break by the end of the week. Yay.
 Anyway, I am crocheting a blanket, wait, there is a story behind this blanket , and why there was a sudden shift from sewing to crocheting. The other day while going through the laundry room I found some yarn I bought for my eldest daughter to make a blanket some time ago , say couple of years ago. When I asked her is that for a blanket, she did not say anything she just looked at me with those puppy eyes. That is it, I was sold. I dropped my sewing needle and started doing her blanket. It is not finished yet, but I am getting there.
Have a look.

Do you have a story to tell about being weak, and eager to please the people you utterly adore. Please share your story with me because I do not want to feel alone and left out.

I would love to hear from you.


-Samya :-)

06 December 2010

Lushes and Enchanting.

How is everyone, It is snowing buckets outside.. Brrr

 I have a new project, with a lot of lushes and enchanting  colors  fabric ..!!!

It is screaming Christmas ;- )

 I need to use some embellishment. Let me see What can I use ?

 I have not decided yet. But I am sure of one thing, which is lots of love coming your way.
-Samya :-)

30 November 2010

Christmas Bag

Hi everyone, I hope all of you gals had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My Thanksgiving was full of cooking,  and a lot of vows to stop eating pecan pies ever again-!! LOL
lets talk Christmas; For the sprit of the season I made this Christmas bag, actually I made the pattern myself , and I accented with my brooch to jazz it up.  I will post it in my E-Shop

Have a good week.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

-Samya :-)

22 November 2010

Hi everyone, I hope all you had a good weekend. I thought I will post these two bags, from (Amy Butler's pattern) because I know by midweek most of us will be busy.You can see them on http://honeypotbagsbysamya.bigcartel.com
 I can't wait for Thanksgiving to cook. Armed with the Turkey baster in one hand, and a carving knife in the other hand, Mama is ready-!! Bring it on! Is it normal to get extra exited about cooking for Thanksgiving ?
Anyway, if I do not see you before Thursday, I would love to say:
Happy Thanksgiving, and Enjoy.

I would love to hear from you.


-Samya ;-)

16 November 2010

Feast of colors

Hi everybody! I just wanted to share with you a new project I have been working on for this past week.  Every coin purse is fully lined with a sturdy zipper and embellishment of a crotchet flower.  I set my heart on sewing 24 of them. 12 are done and I just have another 12 to go. I thought these would be really good for Christmastime as stocking stuffers.  I cannot wait to post them on my e-shop.

I hope you like them  as much as I do-!!


-Samya :-)

10 November 2010

Double the Happiness

Hi everyone,
Today I want to introduce my twins. My dear friends, before you get a head of yourselves here, I am talking about bags-!!!
When I made these bags, it really called out for something red. I thought, well, the color of the fabric looks vintage, and often crochet work very well to create a whole vintage look, so I made some flowers, and a Ribbon out of red cotton crochet yarn, However; It is these little wallet that I adore-!!
Check it out...

Actually I learned how to crochet when I was seven years old, and the one who taught me was my neighbor , she  was herself six years old at the time. -!! She taught me how to make a crochet chain (I have to mention, that six years old girl is now a physician in  Egypt.) Anyway, I hope you like my flashback down memory lane, and most of all I hope you like my bags.
I would love to hear from you,
Take care,


-Samya :-)

02 November 2010

Tea with the President

President Clinton made a brief stop visit  in our town yesterday early morning, and I went to see him. This was my first chance to see him in person , and oh boy he is one charismatic politician. I really wished I had to chance to talk to him. I only had one question for him "Would you like to come to our house for a cup of tea?" It did not happen-!! LOL

-Samya :-)

01 November 2010

And the Winner is,

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a winner It is :-
Angela @ Sew loquacious by Angela.

Congratulations Angela, and thank you all  for participating, and your lovely comments. I loved each and every one of them, it really made me so Happy.
Tune in for my next give away It is coming soon.


19 October 2010

Honeypot Bags by Samya and a Cupcake Giveaway!

Hello everyone!

Sorry I have been away for a bit.  As you know, I hurt my arm and decided to take it easy for a couple of weeks from everything (including blogging). But now I am back and better than ever and I have some very exciting news. I have decided to open my very own e-shop on bigcartel so I can sell some of my bags out to the public.  With the help of my daughter N., we have been taking photographs of different bags and organizing them into previews to give prospective buyers a good idea about the product.  My beautiful assistant Marie will model EVERY SINGLE item in the store.  Weather permitting, I would love to take all of my photographs out in my backyard, but I might just have to settle for strategically placed shots in my living room.  I am working on many different exciting projects.  I have made some lovely bags, but there will also be belts, coin purses and aprons for sale.  I want to make sure that people can enjoy some handcrafted quality items at affordable prices.  Please check back often for new bags and please make any suggestions about how I can improve this new shop.
I am very delighted to introduce to you  my shop which is called Honeypot Bags by Samya.  You can see it by clicking on the link below.


Because of this joyous occasion,  I would love to give one lucky lady an awesome present (....drum roll)
Martha Stewart's Cupcakes and one of my personally sewn aprons.

Check it out -!!


All what you have to do is follow these easy steps!!

1- become a follower and leave a comment on this blog to say that you did so.
If you are already a follower just leave a comment on this blog to say that you want to be considered for the giveaway.

2- Go to the link http://honeypotbagsbysamya.bigcartel.com/ and write a comment about any one of my projects, and kindly leave a second comment on this blog saying that you have done so.

3- And last (but certainly not least!), POST MY GIVEAWAY on your blog.

Good luck to you all and please check back in 72 hours for more merchandise offered for sale.

Everyone has until October 31st to enter the giveaway.

lots of love,


16 October 2010

Prizes and Such

Two weeks ago I received a package from Cyndi @ bluebirdswing.blogspot.com/.   Inside that package was my prize that I have won in her previous give-away.  I just thought it was one item that I won, but alas, to my surprise, Cyndi sent me all of these things. Check them out!

I was so happy with the pattern (in the far right) but what really touched my heart was the get-well card, and the chocolate that Cyndi sent me when she knew that I injured my arm. That unexpected gesture really made me feel very very good.  The only thing that wasn't photographed was the delicious chocolate bar.  That was quickly eaten by my husband, my daughter, and myself.

THANK YOU CYNDI!  Everybody, go check Cyndi's blog.  She is one hell of a crafter, very generous and has amazing giveaways all the time.

As for you Cyndi, may all the good things find their way to you.


-Samya :-)

05 October 2010


Thank you all for the kindness that you showed me, and your lovely comments, it came at most needed times. You made this gal very happy.
I feel much better now, yes I am still in recovery, However , now I can type  without pain shooting up my arm.
 My daughter was very supportive during the past two weeks, and I think now she needs a rest.
I missed you all very much , and I am sure I have a lot of bloging ahead of me.

Talk to you soon,



24 September 2010

eeeeek. life happens!

Hi!  This is N. I am Samya's daughter and I want to write a quick message to all of you readers.  My mum recently hurt her right arm and she is on the mend.  Everything is going to be fine, but she is in a little bit of discomfort right now.  Typing does hurt for her, so I thought it would be good for her to be on a bit of a break from blogging.  But don't worry, she will be back next week with some amazing bags.  Also, she has a big surprise in store for you guys that she has been making me work on for the past two months.

Trust me, it is going to be really cool.

Thank you so much for your understanding, everyone!  My mum loves you all!

14 September 2010


What do you know?

I participated in the  Apronology magazine's challenge, and the challenge was about designing a kitchen apron.
For my apron I took inspiration from my mother.
In the Spring I traveled to Egypt to visit my elderly mother, and I have not seen her for a while. It turned out to be the trip of a lifetime. I discovered old photographs and trinkets from my life growing up there. Each photo and artifact took me further down memory lane.
Anyway when I came back I only had a couple of month to whip an idea for the apron. It had to be mother. :-)
 If  my apron photos published, for sure  my mother will get the biggest kick out of it !!!!


-Samya :-0

09 September 2010

Mighty Ducks

I have been working on this embroidery project for  over a week. I had this piece of linen for sometime, and when my sister-in-law sent me all these rich colors embroidery floss from England, I had to put them to a good use.  So everyday after dinner, I take around an hour or so to work in the project. I finally completed my project today . I am so proud of myself for sticking with this project, because I had not embroidered anything for a long while. Actually I have not decided what to do with it.  I will think of something :-).

I had to show you the back!!

I hope you like it, and I would love to know what do you think.



02 September 2010


 Susan of Seasons From My Window is having a give away

She makes these lovely mug pouches, the ones in the above photo.

Check it out. They are beautiful.

You have until Friday, September 10th to enter for a chance to win this lovely giveaway.

Good luck.

31 August 2010

The End of Summer!!

This bag is my last tribute to a beautiful summer.  Rejuvenated and armed with tan, I feel I can face the cold winter ( for some of us at least!).

Read the poem,  enjoy the post, and be merry!!!

Indian Summer by Henry Van Dyke
A soft veil dims the tender skies,
And half conceals from pensive eyes
The bronzing tokens of the fall;
A calmness broods upon the hills,
And summer's parting dream distills
A charm of silence over all.

The stacks of corn, in brown array,
Stand waiting through the placid day,
Like tattered wigwams on the plain;
The tribes that find a shelter there
Are phantom peoples, forms of air,
And ghosts of vanished joy and pain.

At evening when the crimson crest
Of sunset passes down the West,
I hear the whispering host returning;
On far-off fields, by elm and oak,
I see the lights, I smell the smoke,--
The Camp-fires of the Past are burning.

Still, I would would love your input about my last bag for the Summer 2010.


26 August 2010

Paisley Me Red ...

I love Paisley leaves designs, and this is one bag I adore!! After deliberating with myself on how to embellish it, I decided a flower will take away from the paisley designs, so I made my mind to use a small tag. I love the contact of the metal color, and the red it really gives me the feeling of the rich carpet markets in Egypt.

I hope you like it, I would love to hear from you.


Samya :-)

24 August 2010

Cute as a Button...!!

I made this small bag out of suit fabric, and I lined it with brown linen. I debated whether to embellish it with a flower, but I decided not to. I hope you agree with me!!
Tell me what you think, I would love to hear from you.


-Samya :-)

It is Marie Birthday...!!

Happy Birthday Marie, and many many returns.
Today I want to toast my Marie,
I want to thank Marie for being a true friend.
She has been my model for a while (actually my only model), and I adore her.

Marie loves compliments, that is why I want to be the first one to say:
Marie you are beautiful, and I love you.
 Isn't Marie beautiful ?


-Samya  :-)