20 February 2012

Look Who is Busy ? ...

Hi Everyone, I hope you all doing well,  happy, and most of all warm. 
I did not post anything on my blog for a while... is it laziness?  not really ... 
I have been busy  creating my Summer line of Aprons and hand bags on my new sewing machine. I bought a limited edition, project runway  sewing machine,  it was a present from my husband :) 
 I have been stitching constantly despite  suffering from the Flu . I have to admit, I get the flu shot every year , but this year I decided to be a rebel and not take the shot, why did I do that? I don't know... needless to say , I am paying the price now.
I have been enjoying very much making these aprons, and I made over 20 aprons all different colors. What I really adore is using summer bright  colors in the dead of winter, I Love it... it warms me up. I will be posting pics of them inthe next post, and I hope you like them. As for my bags , I will start on them in mid week, and I will show pics of them as soon as I finish each bag. I am really exited and can't wait to show you what I came up with.
Hope you enjoy what ever you do, and see you soon.
Samya :)