10 February 2011

Crochet me...What?

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday. I am watching CNN breaking news about Egypt, with one hand on my heart, and the other hand on my keyboard typing.
I am blogging, to keep myself busy. So here is my post
Today I was cleaning my bookshelf, and to my surprise I found two old books, one on crocheting, and the other book is on sewing. Actually, I paid 50 cents for that 1972 fashion book, and another 25 cents for the crochet book. Not bad.

With all fairness, when the last time did you see such beautiful , and sexy crochet dresses like these ones.

The pretty, and sexy.....

And the not  so pretty, and flat out scary. Can you imagine seeing someone wearing such mask in the dark. Boy, I will have a heart attack.
What they have been thinking? Bad idea.

Can anyone tell me where can I purchase these gigantic knitting needles from? Shall I try online, or maybe Michael? any advise ? I really want to knit that sweater-!!!!!

And last but not least, something for the baby. As for that festive bib, I do not know what to think of it? Pretty Yes, but is it practical? I would love to know what the baby think ?

 I hope you enjoyed my rambling, and I promise, the next post will be dedicated to 1972 Fashion.

Lots of Love,

-Samya :-)

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