30 November 2010

Christmas Bag

Hi everyone, I hope all of you gals had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My Thanksgiving was full of cooking,  and a lot of vows to stop eating pecan pies ever again-!! LOL
lets talk Christmas; For the sprit of the season I made this Christmas bag, actually I made the pattern myself , and I accented with my brooch to jazz it up.  I will post it in my E-Shop

Have a good week.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

-Samya :-)

22 November 2010

Hi everyone, I hope all you had a good weekend. I thought I will post these two bags, from (Amy Butler's pattern) because I know by midweek most of us will be busy.You can see them on http://honeypotbagsbysamya.bigcartel.com
 I can't wait for Thanksgiving to cook. Armed with the Turkey baster in one hand, and a carving knife in the other hand, Mama is ready-!! Bring it on! Is it normal to get extra exited about cooking for Thanksgiving ?
Anyway, if I do not see you before Thursday, I would love to say:
Happy Thanksgiving, and Enjoy.

I would love to hear from you.


-Samya ;-)

16 November 2010

Feast of colors

Hi everybody! I just wanted to share with you a new project I have been working on for this past week.  Every coin purse is fully lined with a sturdy zipper and embellishment of a crotchet flower.  I set my heart on sewing 24 of them. 12 are done and I just have another 12 to go. I thought these would be really good for Christmastime as stocking stuffers.  I cannot wait to post them on my e-shop.

I hope you like them  as much as I do-!!


-Samya :-)

10 November 2010

Double the Happiness

Hi everyone,
Today I want to introduce my twins. My dear friends, before you get a head of yourselves here, I am talking about bags-!!!
When I made these bags, it really called out for something red. I thought, well, the color of the fabric looks vintage, and often crochet work very well to create a whole vintage look, so I made some flowers, and a Ribbon out of red cotton crochet yarn, However; It is these little wallet that I adore-!!
Check it out...

Actually I learned how to crochet when I was seven years old, and the one who taught me was my neighbor , she  was herself six years old at the time. -!! She taught me how to make a crochet chain (I have to mention, that six years old girl is now a physician in  Egypt.) Anyway, I hope you like my flashback down memory lane, and most of all I hope you like my bags.
I would love to hear from you,
Take care,


-Samya :-)

02 November 2010

Tea with the President

President Clinton made a brief stop visit  in our town yesterday early morning, and I went to see him. This was my first chance to see him in person , and oh boy he is one charismatic politician. I really wished I had to chance to talk to him. I only had one question for him "Would you like to come to our house for a cup of tea?" It did not happen-!! LOL

-Samya :-)

01 November 2010

And the Winner is,

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a winner It is :-
Angela @ Sew loquacious by Angela.

Congratulations Angela, and thank you all  for participating, and your lovely comments. I loved each and every one of them, it really made me so Happy.
Tune in for my next give away It is coming soon.