16 January 2010


Hiiiiiii. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Saturdays are very nice in our house. We just mill about and enjoy each others company in our nice kitchen. I have decided that my first handbag I would like to share with you is my Eva bag. It is inspired by my visits to different museums in Central London like the V&A and the National Gallery. I dont know, I just really like different muted golden color combinations. Plus, working with heavy fabrics is always wonderful. I sew three layers to make sure that my bags are very sturdy as well as beautiful. On the inside of the bag, I sewed three big pockets to hold keys, cellphone and makeup so items like that are easily accessible and not lost in the bag. I made the button in the center on the bow of ribbons with leftover material from another bag in my collection. I hope you enjoy these photographs!

Au revoir!

14 January 2010

Hello World!

Hiiiiiiii. My name is Samya. I am a civil engineer in New York. I also really enjoy sewing and I make some very special handbags. Now, I have two amazing daughters who are hyper-connected to technology and have encouraged me to start a blog about my handbags and other things I find beautiful. These are all my handbags that I have hand stitched myself with fabrics from my travels back to both England and the Middle East (my family and I like to travel!). I will model them on my wire mannequin. Her name is Marie and she loves pearls as much as I do! Again, I hope you enjoy this blog and everything that I will showcase.


Au revoir!