19 October 2010

Honeypot Bags by Samya and a Cupcake Giveaway!

Hello everyone!

Sorry I have been away for a bit.  As you know, I hurt my arm and decided to take it easy for a couple of weeks from everything (including blogging). But now I am back and better than ever and I have some very exciting news. I have decided to open my very own e-shop on bigcartel so I can sell some of my bags out to the public.  With the help of my daughter N., we have been taking photographs of different bags and organizing them into previews to give prospective buyers a good idea about the product.  My beautiful assistant Marie will model EVERY SINGLE item in the store.  Weather permitting, I would love to take all of my photographs out in my backyard, but I might just have to settle for strategically placed shots in my living room.  I am working on many different exciting projects.  I have made some lovely bags, but there will also be belts, coin purses and aprons for sale.  I want to make sure that people can enjoy some handcrafted quality items at affordable prices.  Please check back often for new bags and please make any suggestions about how I can improve this new shop.
I am very delighted to introduce to you  my shop which is called Honeypot Bags by Samya.  You can see it by clicking on the link below.


Because of this joyous occasion,  I would love to give one lucky lady an awesome present (....drum roll)
Martha Stewart's Cupcakes and one of my personally sewn aprons.

Check it out -!!


All what you have to do is follow these easy steps!!

1- become a follower and leave a comment on this blog to say that you did so.
If you are already a follower just leave a comment on this blog to say that you want to be considered for the giveaway.

2- Go to the link http://honeypotbagsbysamya.bigcartel.com/ and write a comment about any one of my projects, and kindly leave a second comment on this blog saying that you have done so.

3- And last (but certainly not least!), POST MY GIVEAWAY on your blog.

Good luck to you all and please check back in 72 hours for more merchandise offered for sale.

Everyone has until October 31st to enter the giveaway.

lots of love,


16 October 2010

Prizes and Such

Two weeks ago I received a package from Cyndi @ bluebirdswing.blogspot.com/.   Inside that package was my prize that I have won in her previous give-away.  I just thought it was one item that I won, but alas, to my surprise, Cyndi sent me all of these things. Check them out!

I was so happy with the pattern (in the far right) but what really touched my heart was the get-well card, and the chocolate that Cyndi sent me when she knew that I injured my arm. That unexpected gesture really made me feel very very good.  The only thing that wasn't photographed was the delicious chocolate bar.  That was quickly eaten by my husband, my daughter, and myself.

THANK YOU CYNDI!  Everybody, go check Cyndi's blog.  She is one hell of a crafter, very generous and has amazing giveaways all the time.

As for you Cyndi, may all the good things find their way to you.


-Samya :-)

05 October 2010


Thank you all for the kindness that you showed me, and your lovely comments, it came at most needed times. You made this gal very happy.
I feel much better now, yes I am still in recovery, However , now I can type  without pain shooting up my arm.
 My daughter was very supportive during the past two weeks, and I think now she needs a rest.
I missed you all very much , and I am sure I have a lot of bloging ahead of me.

Talk to you soon,