25 December 2013

My New Project !

Merry Christmas Everyone,,
 I know it is Christmas ; However , I couldn't wait to post  my work , lol ,,,
 Enjoy the pics, and I hope you like what I've accomplished so far !!!!
 I know it is a busy and joyful time ... But  hopefully, you will see the complete project on my next post..
 Enjoy Christmas , and have  a wonderful time with  family, and friends!

Lots of love,
Samya :)

Merry Christmas Everyone !

I bet Santa is a bit Extra happy this morning for a job well done !! Thanks Santa
Lots of LOve ،

13 December 2013

My New Felted Bag !

Hi Everyone,
                  I would love to share with you my new bag.  The bag pattern, and the measurement were improvised :).. did not know what the final  measurement will be after felting the bag, I knitted,  and and put it all together, I washed a couple  of times in the hot cycle, and I waited for the bag to dry !!!! You can imagine the look on my face when I saw the final project... I was ecstatic .. providing I never felted anything in my life till now... Not bad .

Lots of love,
Samya :)

28 November 2013

Happy Thanks giving Everyone  

 عيد  سعيد 

11 November 2013

Winter Poem

Winter Again

© Steve Katz
another winter has come
your head and hands go numb
looking forward to the frost and snow
nights spent near the fire watching the embers glow
the cat snuggled in tight curl
a nice mug of warm chocolate
thaws out my nose and brings life back to my toes
as I climb the wooden hill 
I think of all the nice things I like about this time of year

10 November 2013

Quilt Baby Quilt !

I must admit, I always used to dismiss the  idea of quilting !! why ???  because I found quilting  very stressful :(  I know how to sew very well, but  what used to discourage me from quilting is the accuracy of my work.. I used to get  stressed about , will I get the squares aline with each others, or will I be able to stitch the fabric at the accurate seem allowance??  I often heard the phrase ( quilting is  easy) countless of times but I felt I will never get it right !... So I took the plunge and decided to start quilting, I choose the easiest way possible to start ,,  simple squares, and I was determine to do my best to get  the seem allowance right ... LOL .. and here  is the result..  I am in the first grade of quilting , and hopefully  I will do well. 

 Next post I will show you what did I do with these squares .. See you next post :)

17 May 2013

Flying houses in Paris.

I find these amazing, because I have never seen such a daring Idea before... actually these are not houses , they are flying  kites.. I am really mesmerized by the details, and the physical reality of these houses..

-Samya :)