28 May 2012

Retro Apron

Hi friends, look at my yellow retro apron, isn't beautiful ??? :) I can hear you saying yes it is lovely...LOL  
well Enjoy.

Sold :)

Lots of love, samya :)

25 May 2012

An Apron with a Twist.

Hi everyone, it has a while since my last post,  and believe me when I say to you, that my absance was  not due to lazniness, not at all. I am just busy at school, and trying to finsh the school year . 
Well today, I would love to share with you some of my new sawn kitchen aprons. 
One of them  particulary, as you in the picture , is a non traditional , it has the  theme  of my designs but insead of all fabric I decided to make the upper half from  red crochet yarn...
 I love red for the kitchen, espeially in the summer, add when you add a splash of white to it, you get  a look not only happy but fresh as well. 
This apron will need a special person who not only enjoy cooking, but also  fun loving lol.
 Enjoy :)

Full apron.

The top crochet part.

It is not an apron without a pocket

The apron border.

A tradional apron, beautiful color.

Snow man apron, I know it is early but I love the color :)

I hope you like my aprons, and I would love to hear from you,
Lots of Hugs
Samya :)

12 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day...

Happy Mother's Day to all of you, and  My advice to you is this,
 don't question any thing...Just Enjoy it   LOL.
Lots of Love,
Samya :)

01 May 2012

My Getaway Weekend.

Have you ever felt like visiting a place you have been away from for so long? Unfortunately, it is far and you need  a good  amount of money to go there.  This is what I felt about London. I want to go back and see the town I lived in for a decade,  left it two decades  ago to come to America to be with my husband, and raise my two girls. Well for me the closest thing to London is Toronto, Canada. So My husband and I went for the wee end. It was a long six hours drive; however, in the way we managed to to have lunch in my husband's favorite cafe in Ganonoque. We had a wonderful time just walking in the city, and watching life goes by.

A view from our 22 nd floor hotel room.

This is our car down there.

beautiful clothes in the Indian area

A close up

This is part of the embroidery on a wedding dress

More clothes

You need earrings to match these beautiful clothes

Big earrings

Cold cuts of meat.

fresh cut flowers

Sushi bar

More flowers

I will let you decide what to think. LOL


French macarons

Cheesecakes and Pies


This is Stella, and she was decorating all those lovely cakes. I asked her, if she got any training for her decorating job , she said no, and she had to learn on the job. but when I asked her do you still like cakes after handling cakes all day long, her face lightened up, and said of course, I love cakes.

These dresses were made out of papers.

These guys were protecting the streets of Toronto.

I hope you enjoyed my post as much as I enjoyed this short trip. Take care and have a good week.
Lots of hugs, 

Samya  :))))

ps- where do you guys go for a quick weekend getaway?