28 February 2011

Aprons and Knitted Borders.

Hello everyone and a happy Monday!  I hope your weekend was relaxing and fruitful.  Today, I want to share my two new aprons.  I bought this fabric from Jo-Anne's Fabric a while back, with no plan on what to do with this beautiful fabric.  Last week, I bought some cotton yarn to match, and in one of my old books I found some directions on how to knit a border.  I am not a knitter by any means.  Alas, I knitted two borders for this beautiful fabric and the end result were these aprons with a knitted borders.

Have a look.  I hope you like it!

 It looks a bit tailored

This apron is  Sold

Still available.

The two knitted borders

Have a wonderful Monday!!

Lots of love,

Samya :-)


  1. Oh my goodness! You've done a fantastic job at knitting those borders. They are amazing! I actually can't believe that is knit..looks like crochet...more dainty than knit!

  2. Samya you knit so beautifully and the aprons are so pretty ,your Mary sure has a nice figure ,I love aprons they can be so versitile and fun to play with I also have it I my list ,but then my list is very long,xoxo theodora

  3. Beautiful! They do look tailored. Those are beautiful knitted borders. I love how tiny and delicate it is. Great job. Do you plan on wearing these and cooking in them?

  4. Really pretty..I never saw knitted borders like these!

  5. Hi Samya I hope all is well I was just thinking it's been a while to see one of your beautifull creations ,I hope all is well with you and family.xoxo theodora

  6. Hi Samya I wish you a Happy Easter ,I wish all is well with you and look forward to seeing a new post.xoxo theodora