28 September 2018

Vintage Gypsy Bag

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while since I post it any of my work , because simply I did none !!
I really wanted to make one of these bag for  sometime time, and I decided today, is the day for me to sit down and turn my dream into reality !! and Voila her it is .Actually it is not finished yet !! well you you get the idea.
Hope you like it and I would love your feed back.
How a wonderful weekend.
Samya :-)

04 June 2018

A Book to Cherish

Hi everyone,

last February I made this book as a present for my daughter who lives in Dallas.
When I started this book, I had no idea on what the design is , or how big it will be. So I had some cheery fabric, lace , trim, ribbons, buttons, and trinkets we collected over the years.

Here is the book, hope you like it.

In the front of the book, I put her picture , and some pearls of course because she loves pearls, some lace and a small brooch she get me when she was very young.

 First two pages, her pic when she was a toddler with her dear granny, a locket of mine, Hamsa (of course) and some writing in Arabic, and some Turkish art.

Here I put some ribbons , and a pic was purchased  from The British Museum  when we visited some time ago.

 Here her dear granny holding my Husband ( my daughter's daddy) when he was a baby! also some old trinkets , lace and some pics.

As you see flowers , lace and some buttons I got from Egypt last time I was there.

Here a pic of myself , and my dear mum and my sisters, and of course flowers .  By the way that brooch  pin, my daughter bought it as an antique and she used to wear it.

More lace, and ribbons; However, that green earrings is mine I bought in England when she was 4 years old , I decided why not,, let her have it. lol

By the time i reached to theses pages, I decided to throw in the kitchen sink, no more holding back, and I did :)

I love these colors , they are happy :)

Here a pic for her dear granny when she was 5 years old,, and that silver french lace my sister made it by hand , Thanks sis.

My daughter loves van Gough , so  I put some of his art on the back of the book. I think it looks nice.

 I did not want the book to be in the shape of the letter V,, and I did not want to close it with a ribbon, so I decided of a big spine to sung all the pages and actually look like a book she can cherish.

Thank you for visiting my blog
Lots of Love,
Samya :-)

11 January 2018

Vintage Journal

Hi Everyone,

Today I would like to show you my first Journal cover.It is black and white with some lace and trims .
Hope you like it,, I never worked with glue before , so you can imagine the mess I made lol
Have a wonderful day.

Lots of love.

02 January 2018



Happy New Year Everyone :)

With Love,
Samya :)

20 August 2017


This is my first attempt , so Itried to make simple.

Some ribbon from Joan's

Vintage  crochet dolieys

50's ribbon

Viola , a very simple and clean layering 

Hope you like it.
Enjoy the sunshine.
Samya :-)