13 February 2011

Long over due -!!!

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing great on this beautiful , and relaxing Sunday. I actually feel pretty good, and somehow back to normal after the emotional roller-coaster I felt due to what happened in Egypt.  I have an immediate family still living over there , so you can imagine how frantic, and worried I was. Now, things are gradually  beginning to settle down, and everyone over there, as well as myself,  hopeful for a better future for our beloved Egypt.
 Today, my dear readers, I want to share with you a project, I had finished 4 weeks ago, but did not get the chance to post it. Now I can :-) drum rolls.....
It is an apron, and a matching pot holder. Yaaaaa

have a look, and I hope you like it.

Beautiful flower, Oh La lla ..
 A closer look....

More details...

matching Casserole Holder without the filling ..

 With the filling.

I hope you like it, I would love to hear from you
Peace, and  love,

-Samya :-)


  1. I just saw a casserole in a pattern close to yours. I had to look twice to see what it was - me, not much of a cook.
    Now I see yours WITH a casserole dish being carried.

    L♥O♥V♥E your apron.


  2. Beautiful work, Sammy! I love the fabric you chose and the detail on the apron.

  3. Olá Sammy,
    Que lindo avental e amei a idéia do pegador de panela.