11 February 2011

Dream with me - # 25 Jan Revolution

Update: Wael Ghonim, an Egyptian activist said "We went looking for Egypt. Luckily, we found her."

what a glorious day to be an Egyptian!

Here is a translation to the song,

dream with me,

of a tomorrow that is coming,

and if it does not come,

we will bring it ourselves.

we will stride upon this path.

our many footsteps will lead us to our dream.

no matter how many times we fall,

We will be able to rise again,

Find the way through the challenge, and def the dark clouds,

we will find our night transformed into a thousand days,

Only if we dream.

dream with me friend,

our footsteps will shorten the distance,

i care about my innocent dream whatever it may be.

It will stand beside us

No matter how long our journey becomes,

our reunion will rally  us toward our dream,

Toward our dream.

-Samya :-)


  1. It's not a dream...it really happened today!

  2. What a glorious day to be an Egyptian.
    -Samya :-)

  3. Finally! I hope from now on the Egyptian people get to enjoy the freedom they deserve!

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