28 February 2011

Aprons and Knitted Borders.

Hello everyone and a happy Monday!  I hope your weekend was relaxing and fruitful.  Today, I want to share my two new aprons.  I bought this fabric from Jo-Anne's Fabric a while back, with no plan on what to do with this beautiful fabric.  Last week, I bought some cotton yarn to match, and in one of my old books I found some directions on how to knit a border.  I am not a knitter by any means.  Alas, I knitted two borders for this beautiful fabric and the end result were these aprons with a knitted borders.

Have a look.  I hope you like it!

 It looks a bit tailored

This apron is  Sold

Still available.

The two knitted borders

Have a wonderful Monday!!

Lots of love,

Samya :-)

15 February 2011


Hello everyone. I hope all of you are doing fine and happy. As I said on the last post, I bought a vintage fashion book for 50 cents, from the thrift store.  So, today I want to share with you some of this 1972 fashion was featured on my book. Have a look!!!! And please, feel free to can walk down memory lane if you remember 1972, and if you don't, there is no harm in just looking at the photographs.


 Silver Gown
 White Gown
 Day suit, and dress
 Beautiful floral dress.
 I used to have pony tails too.
Polkadot Fashion
 Some textile.

Hope you like it, as much as I adore it....

Lots of love,

-Samya :-)

13 February 2011

Long over due -!!!

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing great on this beautiful , and relaxing Sunday. I actually feel pretty good, and somehow back to normal after the emotional roller-coaster I felt due to what happened in Egypt.  I have an immediate family still living over there , so you can imagine how frantic, and worried I was. Now, things are gradually  beginning to settle down, and everyone over there, as well as myself,  hopeful for a better future for our beloved Egypt.
 Today, my dear readers, I want to share with you a project, I had finished 4 weeks ago, but did not get the chance to post it. Now I can :-) drum rolls.....
It is an apron, and a matching pot holder. Yaaaaa

have a look, and I hope you like it.

Beautiful flower, Oh La lla ..
 A closer look....

More details...

matching Casserole Holder without the filling ..

 With the filling.

I hope you like it, I would love to hear from you
Peace, and  love,

-Samya :-)

11 February 2011

Dream with me - # 25 Jan Revolution

Update: Wael Ghonim, an Egyptian activist said "We went looking for Egypt. Luckily, we found her."

what a glorious day to be an Egyptian!

Here is a translation to the song,

dream with me,

of a tomorrow that is coming,

and if it does not come,

we will bring it ourselves.

we will stride upon this path.

our many footsteps will lead us to our dream.

no matter how many times we fall,

We will be able to rise again,

Find the way through the challenge, and def the dark clouds,

we will find our night transformed into a thousand days,

Only if we dream.

dream with me friend,

our footsteps will shorten the distance,

i care about my innocent dream whatever it may be.

It will stand beside us

No matter how long our journey becomes,

our reunion will rally  us toward our dream,

Toward our dream.

-Samya :-)

Egypt is free


     Mubark steps down, and  Egypt is free at last.
    Power to the people.
    It is a well deserved Victory for the Egyptian people.
    They protested peacefully , with dignity, maturity, and with one   very effective weapon in their hand. 

  The mighty keyboard.

-Samya :-)

10 February 2011

Crochet me...What?

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday. I am watching CNN breaking news about Egypt, with one hand on my heart, and the other hand on my keyboard typing.
I am blogging, to keep myself busy. So here is my post
Today I was cleaning my bookshelf, and to my surprise I found two old books, one on crocheting, and the other book is on sewing. Actually, I paid 50 cents for that 1972 fashion book, and another 25 cents for the crochet book. Not bad.

With all fairness, when the last time did you see such beautiful , and sexy crochet dresses like these ones.

The pretty, and sexy.....

And the not  so pretty, and flat out scary. Can you imagine seeing someone wearing such mask in the dark. Boy, I will have a heart attack.
What they have been thinking? Bad idea.

Can anyone tell me where can I purchase these gigantic knitting needles from? Shall I try online, or maybe Michael? any advise ? I really want to knit that sweater-!!!!!

And last but not least, something for the baby. As for that festive bib, I do not know what to think of it? Pretty Yes, but is it practical? I would love to know what the baby think ?

 I hope you enjoyed my rambling, and I promise, the next post will be dedicated to 1972 Fashion.

Lots of Love,

-Samya :-)

09 February 2011

Fear has been defeated. There is no turning back.

Eleven days and counting. Hard to believe so much has changed in so short a time.

In Tahrir Square, the liberated zone, the anti-Mubarak protestors will tell you fear has been defeated. There’s no turning back.
When morning comes, you see the makeshift metal barricades, the hand-forged weapons, dug up rocks, bandaged bodies, they are still standing their ground. Fear has been defeated, they’ll tell you. There’s no turning back.
They bought this square with blood, paid for it with pain. Bruised, they’re not broken. Battered, they’ve not bowed. Fear has been defeated, they’ll tell you. There’s no turning back.
Raised to keep silent, not criticize the state, beaten by cops, gassed and abused, turned on, attacked by fire-throwing thugs. They’ve stayed in the square, and today more kept on coming. Peacefully protesting, their lives on the line. Fear has been defeated. There’s no turning back.
Some are Islamists, there’s no doubt about that. But this goes beyond one religion or party. That’s not why they’re here. They speak about freedom and fairness and justice. They speak about the things all of us say that we want. You never really heard that in Egypt in the past, at least not openly called for in the streets. Fear has been defeated. There’s no turning back.
All the reporters and camera people and producers have been working around the clock, trying to cover these fast-moving events. On the ground, among the anti-Mubarak demonstrators, it’s easy to move around, talk to people. It’s another story in pro-Mubarak crowds. Many of us have been attacked. It happens quickly, spirals out of control. All you can do is stay calm, try to escape. It’s not a coincidence, I plan: it’s a plan, clear as day. The people in power want to control what you see. We try to position ourselves in different spots. We find balconies that give a view of the battle. But if we can see them, they can see us. And sometimes you have to stop, close the curtains, move somewhere else. Fear has been defeated. There’s no turning back.

We’ve all heard the roar of the crowd, the cries of the wounded. For me, the most haunting sound echoes in the night. Sticks and stones banging on barricades as these anti-Mubarak demonstrators wait for an attack that inevitably comes. It’s a sound made by warriors all through the ages, a warning to those who have tried to defeat them. We are here, they’re saying. We are strong. We are not giving up. Fear has been defeated. There’s no turning back.
Anderson Cooper- CNN

04 February 2011

Tahrir Square in Egypt

Hi everyone, I hope all of you are doing great, and ready for the weekend.
Today, I want to share with you two pictures of the Tahrir Square in cairo - Egypt.
First, I would like  to explain to you what "Tahrir  Square" means?
 It means Liberation Square, and I think that is why Tahrir Square was chosen by the  Egyptian  protesters as their home for the past 11 days.

Well have a look,

Tahrir Square, Cairo... Then

Now -!!!!

In all fairness, what this sea of people wants ?
They want democracy. 
Is that too much to ask?

Lots of love, 

-Samya :-)


02 February 2011

Beautiful Women in Action

Hi every one, I hope everyone is doing great.
Today I want to share with you some inspiring pictures of Egyptian women , doing what they do best ...speaking  their mind.

  This is my tribute to the Egyptians women .


You are not going to scare me -!! 

My daughter,  my granddaughter, and I need change.

I am an Egyptian woman

          sometimes, you can be a fighter in a revolution without 

 Egyptians are famous for their sense of humor.

Of course you can.

What this banner saying is:
Please leave, my arms ache, and I want to go home.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures, and as I said earlier this is my tribute to my Egypt, and the Egyptian people.

Lots of love, and  your comment will be appreciated.

-Samya :-)

01 February 2011

The Winners are

Hi every one, I hope every one is doing fine.
 I would love to announce the two winners for King Tut giveaway

First winner,
Madammeke ongeduld from Belgium she said,


I would love to enter your fabulous giveaway. I find the scrolls very nice.

Love, Linda.

Second winner,
Micki  butler from Irish muses she said,

Oh, this is just too beautiful! Thanks for a chance to win. I would love to win one of these.
I am a follower of yours!

Congratulations to the winners, and lots of thanks for those who participated.

As for the winners , please send me your addresses in order to post  your beautiful scrolls. 

Lots of Love,

-Samya :-)

A song for the Egyptian people -!!!

           I am Egyptian
           I Came from precious elements
           I built glory between the pyramids
           My grandparents
           They created the wonder of science
           And areas along the Nile Valley in the Fertile
           Them in this world for thousands of years
           Ends with the universe
           And they are still present.
This is the translation of this beautiful Arabic song . For sure, I am in Egypt state of mind :)
         I hope you enjoy the tune of this song, as much as I enjoy its content.
          We are very privilege to have freedom, and dignity in this great country of ours.
          Freedom is precious, democracy is beautiful, and America is great.
           Lots of love,

            -Samya :-)