19 December 2011

Japanese Fashion.

I really love the Japanese sense of fashion, it is simple and elgent.
I hope you like it too.
Samya :)

08 November 2011

Bravo Italliano Festival

Hi Everyone,
These Photos From The Bravo Ittaliano Feastival.
 Check out my Booth,
Hope you like it  :)

25 August 2011

To Market... To Market...

Hi everyone,
Today, I have some pics from the farmers maket,
Enjoy, and tell me what do u think.

My french apron - Sold

Two french bags - sold

My Shappy Chic apron - Sold

Some of my half aprons 
Summer bags. 
I love this bag, so 
I decided to keep it for myself :)

Beautiful Cameos

My Egyptian bussiness card holder

This apron actually went to a clinet in France.

French apron - Sold

Rose and her cousion

Isn't she cute ... 
I love the colors 
Up close and personal.
I hope you enjoyed my creations, and the pics.
Lots of love ,
Samya ::)))

06 August 2011

10 July 2011

In The Market

Hi Everyone,
I hope all of you are doing fine, happy , and creating a lot of magic. Well , Today I have some pics from the market  the one I go to every Wednesday, and I start at 6:30 am no less
I hope you like the pictures , and enjoy your Summer.

    Santa Helpers

 Apple cider, and Fudge

 This Apron was sold.

My Shop

 My Creations

Feel free to leave a comment, I love to hear from you.
Lots of Love,
-Samya :)