06 August 2010

King's chair

In our home in Egypt, the sitting room was filled with the chairs’ design.
Of course when you are in Egypt the first thing that will strike you is the elaborate furniture’s design with it rich colors. When I decided to make covers for this beautiful old designed sitting room, the fabric we chose was more elaborate than the fabric of the sitting room itself… Surprised? Nope!

The little boy in the picture was eleven years old, whose dream was to be a furniture maker. His name was Ali. When I asked him for this photo he surprisingly asked, “Will you put it in the magazine?’ I replied no, this is for me, but little did I know that eventually I was going to put it in my blog, so I wish I told him yes! I am sure he would have been very happy!

So, this is for you Ali!!!

1 comment:

  1. I love that chair! Ali looks so sweet. I wonder if his dream will come true...