24 August 2010

Cute as a Button...!!

I made this small bag out of suit fabric, and I lined it with brown linen. I debated whether to embellish it with a flower, but I decided not to. I hope you agree with me!!
Tell me what you think, I would love to hear from you.


-Samya :-)


  1. Oh, what sweet idea, out of SUIT fabric! A bag with memories... made me think of my dad who passed away, how fantastic would it be to have a bag out of is one of his favorite suits! You did a wonderful job.
    Have a lovely Wednesday! xx

  2. I think it is gorgeous samya ,only you can make such a beautifull bag out of suit fabric the stiches that you made and the flowery trim down the center is just what it needed to make it a pice of art.

  3. Oh....the bag looks absolutly stunning as it is Samya...what a good idea...i can amagine doing it up with the same bigger flower you used in the brown linen on one site of the lovely bag...but then...i am a "busy" person...always want to add something...but less is somethimes more...
    greetings Francien.

  4. Very smart bag indeed! I agree, it doesn't need a flower, it's perfect as it is. Cheers Vreni

  5. Gorgeous bag! Maybe you could use a detachable flower to help you decide? Then if you fancy a flower you can pin it on, if not take it off.
    Thanks for the great comment on my blog and for becoming a follower. I love finding new blogs and have added yours to google reader.

  6. Dear Samya,

    Your bag is very pretty and and I think it is perfect. A very good idea to use old materials.

    Greetings from Austria

  7. Hi Samya. Thanks for inviting me over to your blog. You make beautiful bags. I love the fabric combination and the stitching embellishments on this one. Lovely!


  9. I *love* this! So simple - evokes a kind of burberry look to me (but you would know better being an Englishwoman and me an Aussie;))

    I do love its simple elegant lines and the suit material really appeals - gives a so cute vintage feel. No embellishment - yep works for me, it stands alone on its simple elegance - and those pink flowers on the centre riboon are simple enough to set it off beautifully!

    Tks for popping by my blog
    Keryn xx

  10. Hi Samya
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. Im loving your bags. The embellishments and stitching are beautiful. You have a great eye for matching fabric to make a very unique bag. Marie is lovely too.

  11. I think it looks great as is! I actually love that trim!

  12. Olá Sammy,

    vim retribuir sua visita.
    Parabéns pelos seus trabalhos.


  13. Hello Samya,

    I came to visit after you entered my "Mug Pouch giveaway"!!

    I loved the Paisley Red bag and the one made from suit fabric. It reminded me of the "Re-Invention Challenge" I was in, with the denim and icecream container!!!

    So maybe if you're unsuccessful in the giveaway, we may be able to swap instead!!!!