10 August 2010

Pay It Forward

I've just signed up for Pay It Forward on Gisele, Art Escapes , so now it's my turn to host a Pay It Forward here. This is a lovely way to spread a little sunshine & happiness around the blogging community by sharing handmade gifts.
Here are the rules:
1. The first 3 people to visit my blog & leave a comment here on this post saying they want to participate will receive a homemade gift from me. You are allowed 1 year (according to the rules) in which to send out the gift, but I plan on making something & sending it on much sooner than that.
2. You must have a blog of your own to participate in the PIF.
3. You must post about the PIF on your blog & you must offer the challenge of a PIF.
By accepting my PIF, YOU agree to host a PIF on your blog, you will agree to send a homemade gift (within 1 year) to the first 3 people who sign up on your blog to participate in your PIF & so it continues.
Marie and I would love to hear from you,
         Good Luck,



  1. thanks for visting mij blog and your bags are beautiful

  2. Thank you also for visiting my blog. I also think your bags are beautiful! I would love to participate in the PIF!!

  3. Your bags are beautiful! I wish I had a Marie:(
    You're a girl after my own heart, you can never have too many bags, or shoes. Marie is a lucky girl to be able to model everything for you, and she looks good in everything!

  4. Adorei o seu blog! Obrigada pela visita!
    Um grande abraço!

  5. Sammy,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comments! I was inspired to do the Rewind Event after finding a vintage 1970s sewing pattern! I will be posting my that porject today.
    I think your bags are great! Where in England are you from?
    Drat! I'm the 5th commentor! I'd still like to post about the PIF if that's okay???
    Stay in touch.

  6. Angela,
    You are in !

    -Samya ;-0

  7. Hi Sammy, just threw the sammy notes in the big GIVEAWAY bowl. Fingers crossed for you! Have a lovely Sunday. xx

  8. Hi Sammy,
    Just wanted to let you know that I am posting about the PIF today!