06 August 2010

Anothe day .... Another bag -!!

Brown and red, what a lovely combination. 
I made these two bags with the same colors fabric, and
 I embellished each one of them with a different color flower.

 Marie and I would love to hear from you-!!


-Samya ;-)


  1. Hi Samya! Those two bags are very striking...I love the fabric combinations you used; I especially love that chocolate brown with the little floral vine going through it! And Marie is such a great model...I'm going to have to find my own Marie! :o)



  2. you have a wonderfull eye for combining just the right colors and the flowers are just right for each, marie is such a nice friednd ,she sure is patient,posing with the bags in the sunshine.

  3. your bags are really wonderful !
    with lovely wishes naehmeise

  4. Dear Samya,

    you made two beautiful bags - once more. I like the combination of the simple symmetry and the applied flowers.
    Greetings from Austria

  5. Hi Maya!
    Beautiful as always. Kisses and hugs.

  6. Hello Samya,
    I came here to thank you for visiting my blog and thank her words.
    Apologies for my english is not correct
    I love your blog, their purses and belts are beautiful
    I'm following in your blog
    I love New York, whenever I'm around.
    Fernanda Felix

  7. Hi Samya,

    It is so nice to meet you, and now I get to visit your beautiful blog. Your hand bags are lovely and your combination of colors is wonderful.
    Have a nice day.

  8. You make beautiful bags! I wonder if you use patterns for them or if you make up your own? Cheers

  9. Hi Samya
    Thank you for signing up to my "Pay it Forward", unfortunately you have no email contact on your blog & your comment on mine is set to "non-reply" hence my message here. In order to participate you will need to post about the PIF on your own blog (the text & image can be copied from mine). Also please send me your address so that I know where to send your gift once made. Love all your beautiful bags :)
    Gisele xox(Art Escapes)

  10. I love this style of bag with the rose applique! I still can't get your other one with the pink/red colours out of my head. Its just so beautiful. Here my favourite is the one with the creamy coloured flower.

  11. You can never have too many bags! Wonderful!

  12. It's amazing how the simple change of a flower can really make the bag look so different. I can't decide which I like best...

    The way you talk about Marie is sweet. :D

  13. Sammy, seu trabalho também é maravilhoso!!!!!!
    Obrigada por estar seguindo o meu Blog e pelos elogios. Adorei!