13 December 2010

A Story of a Blanket-!!

Happy Monday every one.
I hope all of are rejuvenated, happy, and ready to create and inspire.
Well, I am happy because my youngest daughter is coming home from college for the winter break by the end of the week. Yay.
 Anyway, I am crocheting a blanket, wait, there is a story behind this blanket , and why there was a sudden shift from sewing to crocheting. The other day while going through the laundry room I found some yarn I bought for my eldest daughter to make a blanket some time ago , say couple of years ago. When I asked her is that for a blanket, she did not say anything she just looked at me with those puppy eyes. That is it, I was sold. I dropped my sewing needle and started doing her blanket. It is not finished yet, but I am getting there.
Have a look.

Do you have a story to tell about being weak, and eager to please the people you utterly adore. Please share your story with me because I do not want to feel alone and left out.

I would love to hear from you.


-Samya :-)


  1. Well when Joe wants to watch football, which i hate, I always say it's ok super quick, even though I hate it. You are not alone in situations like that.

  2. Love the colour you are working with..... oh, I have always been a silly overindulgent mum - and used to get so stressed out being everything for everyone..... now I over indulge the dog ..... and the hubz....

  3. The color combination is awesome, Sammy.
    Have a magical week! xxx

  4. The blanket is great! I love love love the color! I've been working on crochet, too. I've only learned how to do a flower, well, it's supposed to be a flower. It's still looking sort of star-like, but I'm getting the hang of it! Crochet is HARD!
    Enjoy your time with your daughter during her break! Mine will be home, too!
    Stay warm,

  5. Yes, if the children watch with wide-eyed, we are not able to say NO. Therefore, we are mothers. The children will experience it with their children as well. Now I am waiting for my grandchild - it will be born in May 2011 - and I think it will be the same story. The blanket is so beautiful - I love this colour.

  6. Me gustan los tonos que has combinado, esta quedando muy bonita.

  7. Good for you Samya all you have to do is make the decision and it's done,and I must say it is beautiful,but wait a min,you must have plenty of scraps from your bags why not make a quilt while your at it that way you will minimize your scraps I don't think I have seen you make a quilt ,you must be into bags I quess. xoxo theodora

  8. It happens with a lot of stuff I make! I am always making something in the hopes of putting it up for sale,(to make those people happy who are always telling me to sell!). Anyway, half way through sewing, my daughter looks at it and tells me how fantastic it is and if I could please make one for her. She has chocolate coloured eyes in a little elfin face and hard to say no to as well (even at 21).

  9. I love the crocheted blanket. I do crocheting too, and I am working on an afghan.
    Merry Christmas!