02 November 2010

Tea with the President

President Clinton made a brief stop visit  in our town yesterday early morning, and I went to see him. This was my first chance to see him in person , and oh boy he is one charismatic politician. I really wished I had to chance to talk to him. I only had one question for him "Would you like to come to our house for a cup of tea?" It did not happen-!! LOL

-Samya :-)


  1. you are right!! he is a charismatic politician ,and I wouldn't mind dropping by while he was sipping his tea lol.

  2. How cool that you got to see him in person. Too bad you didn't get to have him over for tea, though! :o( I'm sure you could have had a grea conversation with him!



  3. What a shame you couldn't have some tea together! But, at least, you did get to see him.

  4. Wow...just to be that close would be amazing! He seems like the type of person that would come over if invited!

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  6. Wow! What a great experience! To be in the Same room as a president! TO bad you did not get to talk so him, though... that would have really topped it!