16 October 2010

Prizes and Such

Two weeks ago I received a package from Cyndi @ bluebirdswing.blogspot.com/.   Inside that package was my prize that I have won in her previous give-away.  I just thought it was one item that I won, but alas, to my surprise, Cyndi sent me all of these things. Check them out!

I was so happy with the pattern (in the far right) but what really touched my heart was the get-well card, and the chocolate that Cyndi sent me when she knew that I injured my arm. That unexpected gesture really made me feel very very good.  The only thing that wasn't photographed was the delicious chocolate bar.  That was quickly eaten by my husband, my daughter, and myself.

THANK YOU CYNDI!  Everybody, go check Cyndi's blog.  She is one hell of a crafter, very generous and has amazing giveaways all the time.

As for you Cyndi, may all the good things find their way to you.


-Samya :-)


  1. Lovely post from Cyndi and glad to hear you are much better again.....

  2. What a nice package she sent you! Chocolate is always the first thing that goes around here!


  3. Samya~ I do hope you and your arm are feeling better....thank you for stopping by and for the comment on BB. Yes, she is totally authentic in her life, isn't she? Yes, I suppose, looking good for 76! Most of us just hope we make it to 76...! Take care, off to check out your older posts....Andrea

  4. Cyndi is great isn't she?! She always has lovely things and she has wonderful taste! You are tooo lucky!

  5. It is so nice that your got a surprise and chocolate too...enjoy.