22 January 2011

Shared memories are the best.

Some of our past precious memories in Europe.

Lots of Love,

-Samya :-)


  1. At first I thought what a fast mover how did she get over to Venice so fast,then I elized after reading that it was from a past trip,wow what a fabulous time you must of had over there was the tide up or down ,my friend was over there last year and she bought galloshes LOL I must have spelled them wrong,but you know what I mean,xoxo theodora

  2. Hello Samya
    I'm glad you enjoy my blog
    Here in Brazil is very hot but it rained so much this year has not been to NY in the year-end festivities, I went to a place where the sun trim all day .... and it was very hot and decided to get a tan.
    Hugs and Happy New Year .....

  3. Your new Header is beautiful !! I like it !!

  4. Hmm...very nice images..are all these taken by you or your daughters?or someone else photography?
    well your header is super cute..lovely..