29 January 2011

Solidarity With the Egyptains

 (Martin Luther King Jr) once said,  
" If a man hasn't discovered something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live." 

and the Egyptain people decided that democracy, and living with dignity are worth dying for.

My heart and prayers are with them in their time of need. 
We are  Enjoying  democracy and freedom in this great country of ours, and I hope the Egyptain people can one day get the freedom , and the dignity they deserve.
Freedom is precious, democracy is beautiful, and America is great.
God bless America, and keep Egypt safe.

Lots of love,



  1. Hola Sammy! Te he dejado un premio en mi blog. Bss. Cristina.

  2. My thoughts exactly Samya.... (but including Australia)- maybe this is the time history is being made there....

  3. Last night me and my husband were watching cnn for hours ,my thoughts were with you and I pray that the people of Egypt will prevail in there quest for decomcracy,xoxo theodora

  4. Thank you Theodora. My family and the people in Egypt are in great uproar in their quest for freedom. My mother, and two sisters still living in Egypt. I spoke with one of them a few mints ago, and unfortunately they live in fear for their wellbeing.
    The thing is, the Egyptian ruling regime is punishing the people for standing up for their rights. So, they had a plan to throw the whole country in chaos, and terrorize the people. The regime shut the Internet, pulls the law and order presence from the streets (No police officer in sight), and freed the armed dangerous criminals from jail to terrorize the unarmed Egyptians. I hope and pray to god that their struggle finish soon, for the sake of stability, and freedom. They Egyptians people will prevaile, as they always did, since seven thousands years ago.