17 January 2011

I won ....... again?

Hello my near and dear friends!

How is everyone of you on this fine, sunny, but very very cold day.

I am doing okay.  I have nothing to report to you.  Bedsides my daughter's crocheted blanket, two scarves, and leg warmer, I haven't done any stitching. I think my mind is still in holiday mood, or may be it is just the oppressive cold.  I do not know.

Anyway, today I got the One Month Wallet Challenge from my dear friend Angela at http://sewloquacious.blogspot.com/ I have to keep it for a month, and after that month of over, I pass it along to one of you my dear friends.

Check this out!!!

Take care everyone!

Lots of Love,

-Samya :-)


  1. Enjoy making the wallet - look cute.
    I love your new banner header... looks great

  2. Congrats!
    I threw the sweet Samya notes in the big giveaway hat, fingers crossed.
    Have a happy Monday, no blue Monday xxxx

  3. Ooo - that looks like a really cute little wallet. Hope you are having a good week. x

  4. That wallet is just so pretty!It's a wonderful design!

  5. Congrats......again! lol. That is a cute wallet. Would like to make it myself one day.

  6. Hi Samya!
    I am just enquiring about the whearabouts of my Hot Potato pattern? I have had a couple of emails regarding it, so have been searching and this seems to be the last place it landed. Have you passed it on?
    Happy New Year!