25 May 2012

An Apron with a Twist.

Hi everyone, it has a while since my last post,  and believe me when I say to you, that my absance was  not due to lazniness, not at all. I am just busy at school, and trying to finsh the school year . 
Well today, I would love to share with you some of my new sawn kitchen aprons. 
One of them  particulary, as you in the picture , is a non traditional , it has the  theme  of my designs but insead of all fabric I decided to make the upper half from  red crochet yarn...
 I love red for the kitchen, espeially in the summer, add when you add a splash of white to it, you get  a look not only happy but fresh as well. 
This apron will need a special person who not only enjoy cooking, but also  fun loving lol.
 Enjoy :)

Full apron.

The top crochet part.

It is not an apron without a pocket

The apron border.

A tradional apron, beautiful color.

Snow man apron, I know it is early but I love the color :)

I hope you like my aprons, and I would love to hear from you,
Lots of Hugs
Samya :)


  1. I love the red apron. It looks so sexy with the crochet top!