04 June 2018

A Book to Cherish

Hi everyone,

last February I made this book as a present for my daughter who lives in Dallas.
When I started this book, I had no idea on what the design is , or how big it will be. So I had some cheery fabric, lace , trim, ribbons, buttons, and trinkets we collected over the years.

Here is the book, hope you like it.

In the front of the book, I put her picture , and some pearls of course because she loves pearls, some lace and a small brooch she get me when she was very young.

 First two pages, her pic when she was a toddler with her dear granny, a locket of mine, Hamsa (of course) and some writing in Arabic, and some Turkish art.

Here I put some ribbons , and a pic was purchased  from The British Museum  when we visited some time ago.

 Here her dear granny holding my Husband ( my daughter's daddy) when he was a baby! also some old trinkets , lace and some pics.

As you see flowers , lace and some buttons I got from Egypt last time I was there.

Here a pic of myself , and my dear mum and my sisters, and of course flowers .  By the way that brooch  pin, my daughter bought it as an antique and she used to wear it.

More lace, and ribbons; However, that green earrings is mine I bought in England when she was 4 years old , I decided why not,, let her have it. lol

By the time i reached to theses pages, I decided to throw in the kitchen sink, no more holding back, and I did :)

I love these colors , they are happy :)

Here a pic for her dear granny when she was 5 years old,, and that silver french lace my sister made it by hand , Thanks sis.

My daughter loves van Gough , so  I put some of his art on the back of the book. I think it looks nice.

 I did not want the book to be in the shape of the letter V,, and I did not want to close it with a ribbon, so I decided of a big spine to sung all the pages and actually look like a book she can cherish.

Thank you for visiting my blog
Lots of Love,
Samya :-)