10 November 2013

Quilt Baby Quilt !

I must admit, I always used to dismiss the  idea of quilting !! why ???  because I found quilting  very stressful :(  I know how to sew very well, but  what used to discourage me from quilting is the accuracy of my work.. I used to get  stressed about , will I get the squares aline with each others, or will I be able to stitch the fabric at the accurate seem allowance??  I often heard the phrase ( quilting is  easy) countless of times but I felt I will never get it right !... So I took the plunge and decided to start quilting, I choose the easiest way possible to start ,,  simple squares, and I was determine to do my best to get  the seem allowance right ... LOL .. and here  is the result..  I am in the first grade of quilting , and hopefully  I will do well. 

 Next post I will show you what did I do with these squares .. See you next post :)

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