12 July 2010

Marie and the summer

Hiiiiiii. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Today is a hot summer day, and Marie decided to share with you her summer wardrobe of bags. These designs are inspired by my visits to the Egyptian beautiful beaches on the mediterrean, as well as the busy market in the afternoon. As for the evening, family and friends gather to go to the open theatre, which you can enjoy art and music. I chose a summer colors and sturdy Egyptian cotton fabrics. I just really like different light color combinations. Plus, working with cotton fabrics is always wonderful. I sew three layers to make sure that my bags are very sturdy as well as beautiful. On the inside of the bag, I sewed three big pockets to hold keys, cell phone and makeup so items like that are easily accessible and not lost in the bag. I made the flower in the center to give it an extra buzz.

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