15 April 2020

Greeting everyone, 

It's in scary times like these when, more than ever, people need to feel supported even if the encouragement can only be offered from a distance. So I wish you all well, and good health, Stay strong . This too shall pass.

Well,, spending much of time at home , and going for long walks is what I do to pass this storm !! Mind you it is still cold outside , but I am not discouraged because  Summer is coming soon , we all in dire need for that warmth and sunshine.
This is my new line of bags, they all handmade , actually it is a good time to clean and go through what I have  accumulated through the years, and boy ,I have a lot !! so I decided  to do bags and throw most of my ribbons , tassels and , beads ...you name it , and I did ,, I hope you like what I did.. It is still not finished so I will post the finished project soon.

Take care, stay safe, and god bless all of you.

Samya ,,signing off

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